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Convert Select Service to Full Service

A select service hotel is converting to a full service brand. There is not enough space for a traditional kitchen, yet the owner must be able to prepare and serve breakfast, dinner and banquets/meetings.

1. Concept Ideation resulting in the presentation of three Concept ideas with supporting rationale and suggested USP (Unique Selling Proposition).

2. Concept Statement based upon client’s selection of one of the three concepts

  • Concept Mission, Vision, with detailed description of the concept

  • Description of the customer experience

  • Naming suggestions

  • Signature menu, service and design features and attributes

  • Restaurant “Brand Standards”

  • List of preparation and service equipment required to execute concept

  • Marketing strategies and sales projections (based upon client occupancy projections)

3. Concept Menus – transforming the Concept Statement to the menu:

  • Dinner Menu (item names & descriptions) with recipes and costs

  • Theoretical Cost Analysis

  • Room Service Menu

  • Kids Menu

  • Catering Menu

  • Menus formatted in Word for reproduction on plain white 8 ½ x 11 paper

  • Plan, graphics, design review as requested.


Hotel conversion was successfully completed, providing all required F&B services in-house.

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