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Create a Concept Identity with Logo

An upscale hotel is introducing a new concept developed by Grill Ventures. Ownership challenged Grill Ventures to develop its identity package.

We began this project our naming ideation process. Our process takes a strategic approach: what is the purpose of the name, who is the audience, what is the intended reaction, etc. Our first step is to develop criteria for a “successful” name. What will a successful name have to achieve?

We then work with the client to create a number of alternative names through extensive ideation, based on a naming identity grid developed by Grill Ventures. After a list of favorites is culled URL research is conducted. And final candidate names are focused grouped in the context of both facility and menu.

When a name is selected multiple artists are engaged to create visual concepts for the logo. One artist is selected, and final artwork is prepared.


Client logo and name were created on time for menu printing, directory printing and opening ceremonies.

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