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Create Interactive F&B Financial Training for Managers

A successful hospitality company identified a gap in its training – Food and Beverage financial management and analysis. The company was concerned that its franchisees with wide experience in Select Service hotels would be challenged in making the transition to full service, and the company wished to remove some of the barriers to full service inexperience.

The client approached Grill Ventures about creating the content. This was to be a comprehensive educational piece with illustrations, examples and formulas throughout. Yet there was an aggressive timeline for completion. And the final product had to communicate effectively at multiple levels, ownership to Food and Beverage management and supervision. Our action steps were as follows:

  1. We created a wide-ranging review of the field and its most current practices. We began with a thorough review of the Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry, 10th Edition. This provided a sound foundation for the training, but we were challenged by the client to create the training in non-technical easy-to-understand language, to the extent possible.

  2. Next we reviewed the client’s and Grill Ventures’ extensive collections of F&B financial management forms. Appropriate forms were updated as needed for the project. A financial data set was created to illustrate the appropriate practices.

  3. Finally a full narrative script was created, thousands of words, with accompanying slide bullets. The final content was reviewed with Grill Ventures and a task force assembled by the client. Adjustments were made quickly and the final content was delivered to the client. From this the client’s Learning Management System team was able to create a fully interactive training piece.


The client had previously had programs like this developed through its LMS team and / or third party training groups. By using Grill Ventures SME’s (Subject Matter Experts) the client was able to reduce its standard development time by more than half!


The project was finished in advance of the deadline and within its targeted costs. Owners, franchisees and managers are delighted with the end result. Developers point to the training as an asset for Select Service owners looking to branch out to full service. The client has since used SME’s, including those of Grill Ventures, to create training content.

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