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Develop a Video Training Series

A hotel group is launching a new menu and needs to have video training for multiple recipes. In this case the recipes and procedures are fully developed.

Grill Ventures interviewed client and then determined the project needs, including site selection, talent, tools, number of cameras, on location time estimates, studio shooting time estimates and editing estimates. Grill Ventures then consulted appropriate video companies and created a budget for the project.

When a budge was approved, Grill Ventures worked with the video company and client to schedule the taping sessions.

Following review and edit the next challenge was to convert the simple videos into a comprehensive training program with measurements and reports for every trainee. For this Grill Ventures engaged an online Learning Management Systems firm capable of hosting the training and providing the required measurements.


Hundreds of cooks and managers were successfully trained and tested, and there are plans to expand the training.

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